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The parthenon marbles

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Parthenon marbles. With new museums opening the Africa, and calls for restitution increasing, old institutions are being forced to address the legacies of empire, says Dan Hicks, professor of contemporary archaeology at the University of Oxford.

Published: 7 Mar Parthenon Guardian view on the Parthenon marbles: not just a Brexit sideshow. Published: 23 Feb My solution to the Parthenon marbles row: a museum for the 21st link David Carden. Published: 21 Feb Elgin's casts of Parthenon marbles reveal details since lost from statues. Findings could shine fresh light on some of the most celebrated monuments in classical art.

Published: 10 Dec British Museum is world's largest receiver of stolen goods, says QC. Published: 4 Nov Brief letters Have your ticks left feeling out in the cold. Published: 4 Aug Published: 8 Jun My solution to the Parthenon marbles — let's split them in half Florian Schmidt-Gabain. Britain and Greece should stop arguing about the Elgin marbles and share them. Published: 15 Feb The Parthenon marbles had a time and a rightful place for Keats. Letters: an enlightened British Museum should begin talks with the Greeks about returning the sculptures, says George Read articlewhile AM Gledhill suggests casts should be taken of artefacts and the originals repatriated.

Published: 3 Parthenon Reuniting the Parthenon marbles is nothing to do with nationalism. Published: please click for source Jan Let's not lose our marbles over the Marbles Museum marbles remarks Jonathan Jones. Parthenon 29 Jan British Museum chief: taking the Parthenon marbles was 'creative'.

Published: 28 Jan Museum to give talks in attempt to counter censure over colonial-era acquisitions. Published: 12 Oct Restore the Marbles marbles to their full beauty the Athens. Letters: Janet Suzman wants the marbles joined to their other half in Athens, Benedict Birnberg also argues for their return from London, and Pete Eiseman-Renyard reflects on their care.

Published: 30 Sep Trust us to look after the Parthenon marbles. Published: 26 Sep the Published: 25 Sep Museums are not the proper home for our greatest marbles Simon Jenkins. Published: 17 Aug The satirist and author on comedian Kieran Hodgson, his favourite celebrity dispute and the energy of Rodin. Published: 10 Jun parthenon Return colonial artefacts the build bridges post-Brexit, Olusoga says.

Speaking marbles Hay festival, BBC historian says museums are full of objects from countries parthenon are now trading partners. Published: the May Seeing the Parthenon marbles in London was a turning point for Rodin — illustrated to stunning effect at the British Museum. Published: 29 Apr About results for Parthenon marbles 1 2 parthenon 4 … next.


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When a Venetian shell hit the temple in , during a war between the Turks and Venice, it became the temple we know now—a ruin. Archived from the original on 31 December Michaelis

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In a British nobleman stripped the Parthenon of many of its sculptures and took them to England. Controversy over their acquisition by the. The Elgin Marbles in the British Museum London. The Parthenon Marbles were taken—or “rescued,” depending on your point of view—from the.

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Removed from Greece more than years ago, the Elgin Marbles now fuel a post-Brexit fight over who is civilized and who is a barbarian. It calls for the return of “unlawfully removed cultural objects” to their place of origin. It does not mention the marbles by name, and the move is. The Elgin Marbles also known as the Parthenon Marbles are a collection of Classical Greek marble sculptures made under the supervision of the architect and.
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