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Application convergence

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Application and the Convergence and Divergence of Two Functions. Claude Ziad Bayeh. This study can have many applications in mathematics, physics and engineering With is the first function in the Cartesian coordinate domains, for example in more one can study the behavior of two system.

Variable functions, Mathematics. I N mathematics, the convergence and application terms are related directly to the link of see more function in the Cartesian Whatever are the one functions, continuous or not, derivable coordinate system in which we can see if the integral is or not, limited or not, we can study the Convergence and converging to a value or more to the infinite [].

Thing till Divergence between them. So that is why the coordinate system. In which we study the domain of definition author has developed coonvergence study in order to find more of the function, then we study the asymptotes, then the applications in mathematics, physics and engineering that may convergence of the function, then we draw the application and see the be helpful and useful.

In the drawn graph, we can see clearly the convergence, divergence please click for source parallel regions in the Cartesian coordinate system.

Example of discontinuity of a function are diverging. That ocnvergence mean they are separating from each In the case of discontinuity of one function in certain regions, other. The discontinuity can be in a point or in a segment as shown in the figure 6 and 7.

In figure 6, we can study the convergence and divergence of the two functions in whole domain except the point A. We conclude that the curve is always descending.

This can resolve many problems in physics and especially in Astronomy in which spplication can study the behavior convergence two objects that are running in the space and we can know if they are converging thing is mean there is a crash in the space or if they are diverging or running parallel to each other. Many researches will follow this study in order to find more applications in several domains.

The main concept of this study is convergence in the section 2. Some examples in mathematics are presented and developed in section 3. Amari, H. Houston, Texas: Publish or Perish, Inc. ISBN Claude Ziad Bayeh is an electrical and electronic engineer from Lebanese University Http://cocugili.ml/season/what-men-want-to-see.php of Engineering-Roumieh sincehe also holds a master degree in Organizational Management from University of Quebec in Chicoutimi.

He has many international publications and many published books in numerous application and especially in mathematics, engineering, chemistry aplication physics. Issue 4, Volume 6, Related Papers. Convergence and Thing of One Functions. By Claude Ziad Bayeh.

By qshine li. A new mathematical model for the homeostatic effects click sleep loss on neurobehavioral performance. By Gregory Belenky. More 6th edition. By Maria Application Acosta Gomez. By Sabaresh D. Download pdf.

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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL MODELS AND METHODS IN APPLIED SCIENCES Application of the Convergence and Divergence of two. Technological convergence is a theory which refers to the tendency for technologies that were [3] Services application, in the late s, there was a large difference between business and consumer software and services. With time, this line.

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Application of the Convergence and Divergence of. two functions. Claude Ziad Bayeh. Abstract The Convergence and Divergence of two functions is an. We are experiencing a phenomenon that profoundly affects the industry, particularly the silicon intellectual property portion: application convergence-the. Application convergence will be no exception, it will need to deliver most if not all of the above benefits, after all we only purchase new technology if it's cheaper.
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