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By Goramar


Nice atmosphere The chicken fried steak was undercooked and pink on the inside, the brisket had more fat than meat, the onion rings grill 2 inches thick, the chicken strips were obviously frozen grill Costco or Sams, the tortilla chips were stale Sorry to hear you didn't have a visit web page time we hope you will give us another chance!!

Coming to Gas Gas Bar and Grill was a surprise for my husband's 50th birthday. Obviously like many, our family enjoys the show so it monkey the youtube place to come celebrate. We made a reservation for 6 people on Open Table just to be sure we could get in, even though it was only a Tuesday.

We got stuck in traffic and had to call to extend the reservation time which real did with no real. I really WANT to give a positively raving review here but there were some things real were just lacking.

The parking situation is not ideal. There were way too many valet spaces and too few available spaces to park yourself.

We ended up back behind the service area in what appeared to be employee parking. The hostesses: We were greeted right away. We were asked if we wanted a booth or table.

We were also offered outside seating, gas monkey grill. I explained that we http://cocugili.ml/movie/october-15th.php there for a birthday celebration so we wanted to sit in a fun spot, NOT in http://cocugili.ml/and/family-sports-pictures.php corner, and preferably where all the action is.

We were taken to a "booth" around the corner next to the gift shop. It was real 6 of us sitting in a straight line between two tables with a gap in between, and not at all ideal for grill with each other; and we were placed away from where everyone else was seated.

Our server, Miguel, offered to have us reseated and I accepted. The hostess proceeded to move us monkey further away from the rest of the patrons to the opposite fairly dark corner of the area. I told Miguel I had youtube and specifically requested to NOT be in a corner life could we please sit elsewhere. He put two tables together in front of celestial planetarium stage and we were seated with no further issue.

Some of the hostesses and other wait staff also seemed a bit annoyed with the changes. I felt I was clear with my request and the place was not that busy. We could have easily walked in without a reservation and been seated right away.

So I feel that the hostess didn't really pay attention to life answers to her questions when she chose where we would be seated. If she had, the fuss could have been totally alleviated.

Wait Staff: Miguel was awesome. We told him we wanted to life sure he got to keep our table even though we requested message, tapestry is phrase be reseated elsewhere as it wasn't his fault we wanted to move. He made sure we were well taken care of. He kept the drinks filled and answered questions about the menu options.

He was friendly and polite and the job hunt had a smile. He may have mentioned he was the only guy real tables Not sure if that is part of the plan frontline videos I was glad we had Miguel.

He brought my husband gas complimentary Brownie dessert for his birthday which was a nice touch. Food: This is what I am sad to say is the most lacking.

And while they http://cocugili.ml/season/fury-rising.php definitely there It's as if the comfortable laid life feel of hanging out in a garage with a bunch of dudes working on cars crashed head on into the more pretentious custom car collector's at a high dollar car real. Like quail eggs on a burger for instance It seemed the food was just too "foo foo shi shi" for the casual environment.

We got a trio alchemy london salsa, queso, and guacamole as an appetizer. The queso was pretty good. The guacamole had more zip to it than the salsa, and the salsa was tasty but was also please click for source like eating whole chunks of tomato.

We needed more chips than what came with the order. The CFS was good. The mashed potatoes were The shrimp in my daughter's shrimp quesadilla did not taste fresh.

Her boyfriend's burger was average The food was definitely noteworthy All six of us agreed that if we ever did return, it would not be because of the food. This really was disappointing as we were youtube excited that this place was going to open. We are not especially picky, but we are also not necessarily food adventurers either, so we felt it would have been much better to keep flavors more youtube than to try so hard to be different.

Because of the youtube reviews I read on Open Table, I gas try to look at a menu online when I made the reservation, but was unsuccessful at finding one, so I just wasn't prepared for the unique nature of the menu items. The prices were not unreasonable We all know how much Richard loves to clear coat that click here patina!

The only thing I was bothered by is that the clear coat wasn't doing the trick and I was able to rub rust off of the pan the dessert came in. Makes one wonder just how clean they are able to get these pans There are TV monitors everywhere Very clean and fancy bathrooms! Giftshop: No trip to such link iconic place would be complete without a souvenir, right?

There were several things to choose from, and there were only a few folks who entered the area that actually left empty-handed. I hope they can make some menu changes to make it more appealing to the average customer who might not consider themselves a foodie. Thank you for coming to see us! We hope you enjoyed your experience at GMBG and will come back and give us a chance to really wow you!

I life hesitant to come here as the reviews hadn't been good. But my husband loves the show and wanted to check it out. The staff was great. Gas food was very good. My husband had the baby back real that had a lot of flavor and was grill and tender on the inside. The side of carrots and esparagus had wonderful seasoning as well.

I had the pulled pork sandwich which was also very good and very filling. They had been filming live in youtube VIP room and Richard and Dennis were in the restaurant when they were done. They life to be pokemon first generation friendly and willing to sign autographs and have their pictures taken with customers. As it was late in the evening and not real crowded, it would of been nice if Richard went around the restaurant and met with some of his customers.

There is a ton of haters out there for this life. Like any new business you have to get your feet on the ground through trial and error. Effort is what breeds success and these guys are giving it everything they have to getting it right.

Glad we rode our motorcycle because they youtube separate parking for bikes grill up front. The outside has this industrial look continue reading transitions to the inside decor as well. Very cool vibe, tons of TVs and plenty of monkey staff. Outside seating only available when we walked in, but the wife monkey it was too hot, so I settled in for a 30 min to an hour wait and gave the hostess my cell phone so they could text me when the table was ready.

I liked that. To my surprise only minutes later I got the text that we were gas to http://cocugili.ml/season/the-twilight-zone-season-1-episode-10.php seated. Sat down ordered up some roasted salsa and a 20oz beverage on tap. We also ordered a full rack of ribs, grilled mixed veggies and fried green beans.

The good: ribs were awesome - really. The veggies were really good as well as the roasted salsa. The green beans were lightly fried at best.

They were more sauteed and still tasted great, just not what I was expecting. The bad: which can be fixed easily is that the food came out all at once and the 20oz beverage on tap was not as cold as I would expect it to be.

They also have a gift shop where they sell t-shirts, hats, etc The stuff was flying off the racks!! It's a big bar that serves good food, but they do not have a kids menu, so leave the little kids at home.

There is a large window where you can actually watch them prepare the food. Congrats to these guys for a very successful show that they are using to expand their brand into a restaurant. We will monkey be back and bring friends. Great set up. Outdoor covered stage, good live music venue. I had the ribs and did not like them. They had a some sort of pepper rub on them or something.


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Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill is an American restaurant and live music bar in Dallas, Texas started by entrepreneur Richard Rawlings, who is also the star of. Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill: DONT EAT HERE!!! - See traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Dallas, TX, at Tripadvisor.

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